About GlobalAVisual

Founded in 2013, Global Audio Visual LLC (GlobalAVisual), is a full event production company; providing affordable and professional event production services throughout North America — while expanding strategically to other countries around the world.

We specialize in audio, lighting, video and computer setup, as well as — staging and equipment rentals. We provide experienced and professional IT/Audio/Video/ Lighting & Permanent Installation technicians. Our technicians are very professional and well educated on the job.

Here at Global Audio Visual professionalism and attention to detail constitute our core values.” -Philip, CEO

Global Audio Visual is located in Bowie, Maryland near the nation’s Capital (Washington D.C) and can meet with you locally or globally to discuss your Event Production needs. Our company’s life force is dedicated to putting smiles on clients face as a result of quality and affordable service.

Request for a Proposal or Contact us for all your audio, visual, lighting and event production needs