About GlobalAVisual

Founded in 2013, Global Audio Visual LLC (GlobalAVisual), is a full event production company; providing affordable and professional event production services throughout North America — while expanding strategically to other countries around the world.

This is highly recommended because high quality service is our top priority. Our full event production company provides; event planning, producing b2b conferences, expos, equipment rentals and much more. Our trained and experienced technicians will ensure that your event is memorable!

“Here at Global Audio Visual professionalism and attention to detail constitute our core values.”

Located in Hyattsville, Maryland, just minutes away Washington, DC, This Company is dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients and community. As we continue to expand our reach nationwide, we know investing and supporting our community is necessary. We value community input and seek out opportunities to partner with our local leaders and businesses.

For all your Audio, Video, Lighting & Event Production needs

Our Mission, Vision and Values:

Mission Statement: Our Mission at Global Audio Visual is to provide a high quality client experience, while bringing the client’s vision to reality. 

Vision: Our vision is to support and enhance our community, and be the number one provider in event production worldwide. 

Values: Upon establishing our company in 2013, It continues to possess  values such as client-first attitude, integrity, service, innovation, safety, respect, and teamwork. At Global Audio Visual, we want to assure our clientele that we never compromise our values, and always safeguard them.

Big Impressions with Scalable Solutions:

We understand that you want to create a memorable experience for your audience. Whether it is a B2B conference , large expo, or a small-scale event, our IT, audio, video and lighting solutions will surely enhance your event. The equipment utilized will assist with supporting your event to ensure that it is unforgettable. 

Global Audio Visual always seeks to create packages that are affordable to our clients. We do our best to work with all submitted budgets, including offering reasonable prices for all services. We look forward to serving you!

What Global Audio Visual does?

Global Audio Visual is a full event production company, offering and supplying clients with audio, video, lighting, IT solutions, permanent installs, and much more state-of the art AV requests. We are confident that when you choose to partner with us on any project, you will be satisfied with your results. We invite all potential clients to reach out to us for a quote or question! Global Audio Visual supports and services clients worldwide.

Our Goal

Global Audio Visual is dedicated to upholding the company’s values, while executing our vision and mission statement. Our staff are trained and competent to tackle different issues that may arise. We have the latest technology to successfully accomplish our goal and achieve client satisfaction. With expert engineers, experienced event planners and designers, and advanced technology, let us partner with you to make your event memorable! 

Visit our Contact Us page to give us more details on your next event! We look forward to making your event unforgettable!