Global Audio Visual

Our Services

Mission of Global Audio Visual is to “provide high quality event production services, while bringing the client’s vision to reality.” Our company has secured the best audiovisual  equipment so that we can ensure that we are giving you the best technology available.


Where AV Meets Wow!

Let’s have a look at our full event production services that make a difference in the market!

Full Event Production

We know and understand skills and critical-thinking are important to ensure that your event is executed effectively and efficiently. Our staff is well-trained, delivers exceptional customer service, as well as state of the art equipment. Global Audio Visual recognizes that you need highly skilled professionals to service your B2B; conferences, meetings, concerts, webinars, expos, weddings and other events. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in servicing small and/or large-scale events.

Educational & Government Solutions

We are pleased to offer our event production services at a discounted price to schools and the government. Projectors, Laptops, Plasma Screens, and Speakers can assist with any classroom lessons, assemblies, and/or graduation ceremonies. We honor all 501 c(3) tax exempt holders, and we encourage organizations who promote sponsorships to reach out to us. We are happy to professionally service our clients and the next generation.

Customized AV Solutions

Global Audio Visual has the ability to define each event in a unique way. From concept, to vector design, we will amaze you with the ability to bring a dream to reality. Government RFP, private events and B2B conferences, are a few services that we can detail and plan. Each AV or production request has a destination that can only be fulfilled with dedication from experienced personnel. Looking to bring that unique panel design to stage? Are you involved in exclusive product promotion for your brand? We can project over a massive LED wall with customized or dedicated graphics. From post production to file sharing we cover every step of the process. We work at a pace that is requested by our clients, so comfortability is never a factor. We are here to vividly expose your imagination to the world at your request.

Audiovisual Integration and Installation

We as a reliable and trustworthy company that is pleased to offer you high-quality audiovisual technology installation with integrated equipment. With vast experience with equipment such as Crestron, AMX, Ploycomm and Shure, our technicians integrate and install durable equipment that will withstand time. Audiovisual Integration and installation requires our technicians to service and perform quality checks. When our clients utilize our services, we understand that longevity is a priority. Although service contracts are offered upon request, our goal is to perform and provide work so that your product runs efficiently.

Our Expertise

Audio Engineers

Our professional audio engineers possess high-quality tools for recording, mixing, and manipulating sound to make your audio pristine-quality. We provide services to professional Pharmaceutical, Expo, Wedding, Conference , and permanent install, but not limited to the services listed above.

Video Engineers

Global Audio Visual provides video engineers for all ranges of video production services. Services range from radio, television, conference, promotional and on site broadcasting services. In addition to the listed services, we also offer live-streaming and webcast services to your event on request.

Lighting Specialist

Our lighting specialists will brighten your event with well-lit rooms and eye-capturing arrangements. From requested color cues for stage plays, theme decorated events, or timed cues for specific follow spots; we provide TIMELY, BRIGHT, and VIVID lighting scenes for events.

IT & Breakout Technicians

We have IT and Breakout Technicians who work hand-in-hand with expertise to deliver, install and test breakout room systems for your event, and will also make sure your breakout session runs smoothly. They will also walk you through the use of the system and answer all your audio visual questions.

General Audio Visual Engineer

General Audio Visual Engineer provides audio-visual upgrades, design, and maintenance of all equipments at GlobalAVisual. They are also in charge of project and construction management, consultancy and quality assurance testing to exceed the needs of all clients.

Stagehands, Carpenters, Rigging

Stagehand team works backstage with clients or behind the scenes in theaters, film, television, or location performance. Their work at GlobalAVisual include setting up the scenery, lights, sound, props, rigging, carpentry and special effects to meet our client’s production needs.

Equipment Rental

We have staff that is always available to assist our clients with any rental equipment needed. Our staff run quality tests daily to ensure that when we lease our equipment out, it is able to run and operate efficiently. We are happy to provide multiple products such as, but not limited to: