The Events Industry After COVID-19

In-person events are important since they help in making meaningful connections and bring key value to the audience. However, with the COVID-19 hitting the United States in March 2020, all corporate business events, and social events had to be halted. As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, and people move toward accepting the new norms of social distancing, the events industry still remains severely impacted.

We at Global Audio Visual feel absolutely gutted about this, but our team has been working relentlessly with a smile on their face and navigating through the effects of the global pandemic.

Effects of COVID-19 on the Events Industry

There is no second-guessing that the year 2020 has gone from being a promising year for the events industry into a stressful one with several setbacks. Thousands of people remain affected by economic losses as a direct result of COVID-19. Owing to the continued loss of major business, the estimated recovery period has moved back several times. Even today, the most challenging aspect facing the events industry is the uncertainty associated with COVID-19.

At Global Audio Visual, we have not been deterred by the pandemic and continue to offer virtual solutions to all our clients. We are proud to have adopted the latest technology in providing solutions for both physical events and virtual events long before the pandemic hit. Hence, unlike most event management companies who have entered new territory with virtual event organization services, we already feel comfortable doing what we do.

What Are We Doing for Our Clients and Vendors?

Ever since the pandemic hit, we have stood by our clients and vendors, consoled them, and ensured all their needs are taken care of. The move toward virtual events is creating a huge challenge of online audience engagement. Hence, we are not only offering virtual events solutions but looking beyond it. We have modified our event strategies to fulfill the new demands and support our clients and vendors. Our team recognizes that the future of events is hybrid and we have adopted technology that will support both virtual events and physical events. We stand by our mission for providing high-quality services and are dedicated to fulfilling it.

What Can We Do for You?

We are hoping that the business model of events that were enjoyed before the pandemic comes back soon. But we also understand that there are many elements that have a role in deciding when the events industry will return to its normal functioning. In the meantime, we continue to constantly support the clients by providing our event solutions. If you are looking to create a memorable experience for any of your large or small events, you can rely on us to provide a full range of IT, audio, video, and lighting solutions. Our services are available in major cities and states and our team of professionals is here to help you with expert consultation for local, national and international events. Contact us to discuss your AV needs, and learn more about our COVID-19 support.